The London Bridge

Ephesians 2:11-22

Have you Sung "London is Bridge Falling Down"? The true London Bridge moved to Arizona. October 10, 1971 the London Bridge was opened and dedicated in Lake Havasu City. It cost 7 million dollars, in 1968 dollars, to dismantle and ship 10,246 numbered pieces. It became an Arizona tourist attraction and today thousands visit the London Bridge - Arizona.

To some today the Bible (God's Word) is a Tourist attraction. It is left on a table but never actually used. As young Salvation Army Officers my wife and I played in a small band for the dedication of a plaque that was placed under the bridge commemorating the founding of The Salvation Army's Social Work. A shop sold unused pieces of granite from the bridge that were sold with an American flag. Today a piece sits over my desk with a Salvation Army flag. The granite does gather dust over my desk - just as a tourist attraction only Bible would.

God speaks to us through His word. Whether a traditional printed Bible, CD, Radio, Internet or YouTube; it is the bridge that we travel and study. It is the cornerstone on which our lives are built.

Remember this song? "The B-I-B-L-E Yes That's The Book For ME" How about you?

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